PCU Adjustable Tracer unit kit


Upgrade any suppressor with this universal tracer kit, by simply plugging the foam from your suppressor, inserting your new tracer and adding spacer rings for perfect centering.

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PCU Adjustable Tracer unit kit:

  PCU Tracer unit Engine Gen.5
Battery lasts up to 20,000 rounds / 5 days (power on)
Can sustain tracer function without limitation of rps
High power and efficiency LEDs
Supports green bbs
Simple single button operation interface
Three side light sources to light up BBs
Charging level indicator (No light – fully charged, Red – charging)
Built-in Lipo rechargeable battery and protection board to avoid

This product allows you use standard suppresor use as a shell for tracer unit.

Package include:
1x PCU Tracer unit Engine Gen.5
7x PCU Spacer ring
1x Tool

Does not include:
External shell (suppresor)

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