Before using this product, read the following safety guidelines entirely!

Failure to follow safety guidelines may cause serious injury!

To avoid potential hazard, do not use or place the unit in a high temperature area!

If this unit does not function, immediately turn off and remove the unit from the airsoft replica and contact your Dealer, or contact PCU Tracer on

Facebook/INSTAGRAM or for international assistance.

Do not use damaged unit!

Do not try to disassemble other parts than described in the manual (expiration of the warranty). Attempting to repair or disassemble product parts may cause fire and electric shock!

PCU, its distributors and retailers assume no liability for failures to comply with these warnings and safety guidelines.

By purchasing this unit, the buyer assumes all risks associated with this product. If you do not agree with these conditions, please return the unit immediately before use.


1.Disassemble the front cover.
2. Connect the micro usb charger.
(maximum 1,5A)
3. The device is charged approximately
after 1 hour. (Indicates no red light)
4. Disconnect the micro usb charger.
5. Put the outer cover back.

We recommend charging before every use.


Power on:

1.Disassemble the front cover.
2. Press the switch to power on.
3. Put the outer cover back.
4. Attach the unit to the airsoft replica.
5. Enjoy the game with pcu Tracer unit.


do not store the unit in a high temperature area!

Charge your unit at least once per 2 months.

The life cycle of a battery depends heavily on how it is used and handled. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to specify exactly how long battery will last. However, by following these instructions and adhering to the warnings you will most definitely get the most out of your battery.


A PCU tracer unit comes with limited warranty. Please contact our distributor or reseller to get more details information. Warranty does not cover collateral damage, misuse, abuse, incorrect charging and other inappropriate use of this product.

Contact information:

FB: @PCUTracer

IG: @PCUTracer



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